20+ WooCommerce Block Themes Review and In-Depth Analysis 2023

Earlier, we had in-depth reviews on two powerful WooCommerce Block Plugins – Kadence and ProductX. Generally, WooCommerce block plugins are compatible with different WordPress themes.  

However, you must use WooCommerce Block Themes with your block plugin to have effective results. Block themes are fully compatible with the block editor, and each block page is specified for blocks. 

Why follow the wrong direction? Use a beautifully compatible WooCommerce Block Theme with WooCommerce Block Plugin to drive the best result out of your online store.  

In this listing article, we are going to review 23 WooCommerce Block Themes and their features. After reading this article, with our reviewed themes, you can select the best option. 

20+ WooCommerce Block Themes

It took some time to assemble our research and develop this detailed review for WooCommerce Block Themes. Block themes speed up your website in integration with the WooCommerce Block Plugin. They are, by default, block compatible and need code-free editing. 

Here’s our list of WooCommerce Block Themes. You will find any niche-specific block theme to enhance your store.

1) Cozynest

Cozynest WooCommerce Block Themes

Cozynest, as the name suggests, is ideal for creating furniture stores with WooCommerce. Whether it’s a lighting store, bespoke carpentry, cabinetry, upholstery, or accessories and luxury, Cozynest has got you covered. 

With pre-built templates for headers and footers, Crazynest is fully compatible with the WooCommerce Block Editor/ Gutenberg. It requires only a small amount of effort to install and customize the theme. 

Boostify Themes did an excellent job crafting the layouts, templates, design elements, and features to develop this minimalistic theme. There are pre-built patterns and pages for the Main Home, Shop, Product page, About page, Contact, and Blog, with the possibility of endless customization. Get the Cozynest Demo here.

Price: Cozynest is an affordable WooCommerce Block Theme. There is no free version available. Get this decor niche theme at $79/ year. You will also have 1 year of theme support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2) Scentia

Products like candles or perfumes need eccentric presentation. To build an elegant impression and highlight these products, Scentia is a smart selection. Scentia, developed by Themes Kingdom, ensures customers receive your brand’s message, thus increasing sales. 

One of the leading advantages of Scentia is it is a product-focused theme developed with the sole intention of increasing sales. In addition to that, setting up Scentia is almost effortless and requires no special skills. Thanks to its full-site editing (FSE) features, you can offer an easy-to-navigate store experience. 

And yes, it’s a block-compatible theme – you have all within one editor and one interface. Besides, the predefined layouts of this theme are made with Gutenberg block patterns. With highly customizable features, you can assemble your site fast and effectively. View the live Scentia Demo here

With Scentia, you have Text, About, Contact, Testimonials, Gallery, Header, and Call to action patterns. Start building a minimalistic and modern Woocommerce store with Scentia today! 

Price: Scentia is an easy-to-build store available at $79/year. You also have 1-year of regular support and detailed theme documentation.

3) FreshCart

Fresh Cart - WooCommerce Block Theme

eCommerce grocery stores have earned popularity ever since the breakout of Covid-19. If you want to establish your business online, an online grocery store is ideal. 

And for building it up with WooCommerce Block Plugins like Kadence or ProductX. FreshCart can be an elegant selection for you. FreshCart by MadrasThemes helps you build up a vibrant WooCommerce grocery store. It is a block-based theme with over 20+ block patterns. There are three home-page templates to feature eccentric content. Here’s a demo store

To improve your shop experience, you have Shop Grid, Shop Wide, Shop Filter, Shop Single, Shop, Wishlist, Shop Cart, and Shop Checkout. There are also built-in templates for Store List, Store Single, Blog Single, Blog Category, About, and Contact page. It is a responsive theme with FSE features and fully compatible with Dokan, the best multi-vendor marketplace for WooCommerce.  

Price: For a WooCommerce grocery store, FrestCart is a budget-friendly theme, available at $59/year only. You have 1 year of updates and support with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4) Ledge

Ledge - Block Themes

Music stores apply to a different taste. You have to build up a powerful store presence online. Ledge can help you. Ledge is developed by Wolf Themes, and it is specially developed to elevate the music taste in your WooCommerce store. 

Ledge is a WooCommerce Block Theme for elegant music-oriented sites. Interestingly, you can stream music with Ledge and use the theme to sell merchandise. It is user-friendly, secure, and perfectly suitable for musicians, singers, and bands. 

Predefined layouts of Ledge are highly customizable and built with Gutenberg block patterns. Besides, you can offer your customers product previews with the navigation search bar. Other features include a quick login popup with a no-load cart feature offering a smooth music environment.  

Enjoy the flexibility of promoting your musical site on different devices – phones, tablets, and desktops. Ledge is a fast-loading theme with several useful pre-built template pages. Get a Demo here

Price: Available at $79, it is billed annually. You also have 1 year of free updates and support with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Besides, the theme offers full support with documentation.

5) Vastra


Online clothing stores are the most common eCommerce store type – thousands of clothing stores are present online. You should implement a powerful and unique boutique theme to stand out from the competition. 

Vastra by ThemeGrill can get you there. It is an exclusive fashion boutique theme built to showcase apparel and fashion accessories. With FSE features, there are block editing options for pages, posts, headers, and footers with blocks. Besides, it’s a fully responsive theme that syncs your online clothing store with any device. 

For promotional campaigns, you can add a video banner launching new products or highlighting sales and discounts. With complete typography control, Vastra includes 11 pre-built patterns and 19 templates, offering customers a personalized shopping experience. Vastra offers defined pages for WooCommerce and its products. Get a live demo

Price: Billed annually with a charge of $79. You have the full theme update and support for 1 year. Also, 30-day money-back guarantee to lift your insecurities.

6) Treehouse

Treehouse -block themes

To establish a child-friendly WooCommerce store, a theme like Treehouse can help. Treehouse by Thunderstores promotes a carefree, cheerful, and friendly theme environment for showcasing children’s sites. It is a block-based theme with endless customization options. Plus, with its highly responsive feature, Treehouse is compatible with cross-browsers and works just fine on all screens and sizes. 

Treehouse is an FSE-ready theme. You can build a fast-loading-safe website with its drag-and-drop block patterns. Also, it is fully compatible with WooCommerce and other plugins. You can set it up quickly, and your loving children’s shop is only a few clicks away. Here’s the Treehouse live demo

Price: Treehouse is a premium WooCommerce Block Theme. It is available at $79. You will also have 1-year extension update and support with a 30-day money-back guarantee and complete documentation.

7) ePentatonic


This is our second music theme in a row today! ePentatonic by Catch Themes is a clean and minimalistic theme for creating stunning musical stories. This theme is ideal for musicians, bands, producers, musical instrument retailers, luthiers, modern artists, and podcasters. Ideal for promoting sound equipment, or vintage vinyl, there is nothing you can’t do with this theme. 

It is also an FSE theme with drag-and-drop blocks to create content. Besides, you will feel comfortable with its easy customization and site setup process. Anybody with less or no coding experience at all can use this theme. 

However, ePentatonic promotes a rich dark vibe to your online musical store – like a modern music studio. There are 21 custom templates and 12 custom template parts to help you build a dramatic online shopping experience. If you want a light cozy environment for your musical store, ePentatonic might need some customization. View the Demo here

Price: Available at $79, ePentatonic can be the right reflection of your music taste. Besides, you will also have 1 year of theme updates and support with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

8) Yuna

Even your non-profit organization needs a pro theme like Yuna. Yuna is developed by Anariel Design – a WordPress theme builder for charities and bloggers. It promotes a positive and inviting environment for the target audience. 

Yuna is a versatile WooCommerce Block Theme with endless options for theme customization. It is easy to use and offers FSE for those who love to work on their theme. Besides, There are 100+ elegant block patterns with several typography, headers, footers, and color options. You can mix them quickly and offer a pleasing store experience for everyone. 

It’s effortless to start with Yuna from scratch. People without coding skills can seamlessly set up this theme and style pages and posts with limitless options. Get three demos here: Nature, Children, Sanctuary

Price:  With dozens of remarkable features, Yuna is only available for $79/ year. It is billed annually with 1-year of theme support and extension updates. Also, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

9) Avalon

Avalon is a modern fashion website developed by Anariel Design. It is the second in a row to review a fashion theme in this article. It is an FSE (full site editing) theme, ideal for professional-looking clothing and fashion stores with the power of WooCommerce blocks. 

With over 64+ design patterns, you can build up any fully functional and highly stylish online clothing store to withdraw from the competition. Avalon helps you create the most eye-appealing fashion store to instigate buyers buying behavior. You can use the site-editor interface for almost anything with whole typography and color control! 

Avalon is an easy-to-navigate theme and easier to set up for people with no coding history. However, you can compare our fashion block themes to figure out the best for you. Here’s Avalon’s live Demo.  

Price: Avalon is a premium theme at $79/ year. You also have 1 year of theme updates and support with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

10) Coffee Shop

coffeeshop woocommerce block theme

You can get this by the name! Coffee Shop is a premium Gutenberg block-centric WooCommerce cafe theme for artisan foods and beverages. It brings out the sophisticated environment of your cafe store online. Coffee Shop is a suitable theme to highlight coffee, tea, tasty treats, or desserts! 

It is developed by GoodLayers with elegant features to promote your coffee shop. Being a powerful WooCommerce block theme, it is also easy to use, with hundreds of options for personalization. Plus, there is doubt that you will ever find a block cafe theme with this flexibility and responsiveness. With custom block editors, you also have different product styles. Get a live demo

There are also custom block wrappers to add stunning effects, like shadow, radius, and custom padding for mobile layouts. Besides, the setup wizard will help you along the way to set up all the essential plugins and develop a friendly online cafe site that tastes like your hot coffee beans.

Price: Available at $79, Coffee Shop is billed annually. You also have 1 year of theme support and updates, including a 30-day money-back guarantee.

11) Beleco

beleco woocommerce block theme

Deliver an elegant and eye-pleasing experience for your beauty and skincare products. Beleco, developed by ThemesKingdom, is a minimalist WordPress theme. Configure the theme right, and you can deliver your clients a soothing and inviting store experience. 

Beleco is a Gutenberg Block-friendly theme and offers you an all-within-one editor. Additionally, the predefined layouts of Beleco are developed with Gutenberg Block Patterns and are highly customizable. There are exclusive patterns for Text, About, Contact, Testimonials, Gallery, Header, and Call-to-action

Plus, Beleco is an FSE theme. You can create a unique store appearance with the creativity of your mind. It’s an easy cake with Beleco to develop the boutique and fashion product store of your dream! Get a live demo here.  

Price: Beleco is available at $79/ year. You also have one year of theme updates with prompt support and 30 days money-back guarantee. The theme also offers complete documentation and an easy road with theme functionality and operations.

12) Macchiato 

macchiato blockt theme

Macchiato by AgniHD is the second theme, specializing in artisan goods, coffees, or baked goods. It is fully compatible with WooCommerce and can beautifully derive the charm of your local cafe and bakery online. 

The pre-built pages will help you develop content effortlessly. Also, you can use block patterns for pages to offer the taste of your creativity. Furthermore, Macchiato allows you to edit all layouts and content using blocks. Thanks to the Site Editor of Macchiato. 

Macchiato is a device-friendly theme – crafts any content seamlessly on mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Plus, you can use the WooCommerce Subscriptions with Macchiato to offer premium subscription products – coffee or bakery. Never let your customers run out of the taste of your warm coffee with Macchiato. View the live Demo here

Price: Macchiato is a premium cafe theme for $79 per year. Get 1 year of free theme updates and continuous team support with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

13) Gizmo


We have covered almost all niche-based themes. What about technology? Gizmo by ThemeGrill is a WooCommerce Block Theme to offer tech products and gadgets. It is an FSE theme with the opportunity to feature universal changes to your site. With the fast drag-and-drop blocks, it’s easier than ever to develop an ideal store for technology. 

Seamlessly access your store’s header, content, and footer areas and edit them easily with the WordPress editor. Gizmo ensures you don’t have to take help from the customizer. It’s a multipurpose theme, equally applicable to clothing, fashion, beauty, cosmetics, gifts, and appliance stores online. 

Besides, leverage the exclusive opportunity to showcase related or upsell products to encourage customers for more sales. You can also add a mini cart in the header to offer a straightforward checkout anytime! Get a full demo here

Price: Gizmo is also a premium theme. Purchase it with an annual subscription at $79 with 1 year of theme update and support, including 30 days money-back guarantee.

14) Nokul

Nokul WooCommerce Block Theme

Offer the limelight your pastry shop deserves with Nokul. Nokul, developed by ThemesKingdom, is a WordPress Block Theme ideal for WooCommerce Stores. It will take your online shop experience to the next level. 

With the seamless design Nokul offers, you can offer your customers to add products to their Cart easily. Your bakery items will have easy sales with no time for baking new ones! Nokul makes your bakery shop-building process faster and effortless. Visit the live Demo here

Nokul is a Gutenberg Block-friendly theme with all within one editor. There are predefined layouts with limitless customization offers for Text, About, Contact, Testimonials, Gallery, Header, and Call to action. Build your dessert/ bakery shop with predefined global styles using Nokul, and you don’t have to look back! 

Price: Nokul is available at $79/ year. You also have 1 year of free extension updates and support with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

15) Vignette


Whether it’s a furniture store or fashion, Vignette has your back. Viva Themes developed this minimalistic modern theme compatible with almost any store type. You can build a full-featured website with minimum hassle and zero frustration. 

Also, Vignette is a flexible theme with an FSE option for endless customization. It offers block and product carousel patterns to deliver a standard product experience. Plus, with RTL support, you can design your store from different perspectives. 

Vignette is a Gutenberg Block-based WooCommerce theme. With the integrated option for blog pagination, you can offer your customers a modern, sophisticated store experience. Additionally, you can also develop a suitable style for Contact Form 7. Creating a WooCommerce store with Vignette is fast, more straightforward, and offers attention to detail. Find the Demo here

Price: Available at $79/ year like most other WooCommerce block themes here. You also have 1-year extension update and support, including 30 days money-back guarantee. 

16) Lenis


Drag all the attention to your fashion and boutique stores with the beautifully modern Lenis theme. Lenis is developed by ThemesKingdom. It is built to deliver a product-centric experience with a clean geometric layout and minimalistic design. 

You can start by answering one question – why should customers spend more time in your store? When you offer them a pleasing site experience. Lenis delivers this smooth and easy-to-navigate store experience successfully. It is a WooCommerce-based Gutenberg Block Theme, easily usable with block plugins like Kadence or ProductX. 

You can use the same editor to manage and design your website with style. Available block patterns are for: Text, About, Contact, Testimonials, Gallery, Header, and Call to action. Use the Global Styles to change the appearance of your website as you may need. View the full Demo here

Price: Lenis is available at $79/ year. With 1-year theme updates and customer support, you are also guaranteed a 30-day money-back guarantee.

17) Aspicio

aspicio woocommerce block theme

Aspicio is another WooCommerce Block Theme by ThemesKingdom. It is a minimalistic theme with floral elements offering a serene environment. With its heavily user-friendly interface, you have the attention of the customers. It is a suitable theme for florists, botanical products, home, garden, herbal products, stationery, bridal, Boho fashion, and gifts. 

Use the all-in-one editor to style your WooCommerce store with the Gutenberg blocks. Predefined layouts are available for Text, About, Contact, Testimonials, Gallery, Header, and Call to action. Plus, Aspicio helps you to track the details of your workload. You can manage costs, inventory, product quality, and the shopping and support experience using Aspicio. 

With Aspicio’s global style editor, you can make almost any changes to your WooCommerce store. Visit the site demo here.  

Price: Like any other ThemesKingdom theme, Aspicio is available at $79/year. You also have 1-year free theme updates and support with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

18) Wardrobe

wardrobe - block theme

Wardrobe by AgniHD can be your next minimalistic fashion theme for WooCommerce. It is a Gutenberg-based block theme highlighting all the details of your products. Wardrobe keeps the distraction away from your boutique shop, leveraging the buyer persona to have more sales. 

It is a universal fashion theme, suitable for home décor, beauty, personal care, natural, pet, and lifestyle products. To offer an individual store experience, you can easily personalize product images, descriptions, page headers, and page footers.  

Wardrobe demo pages are standard store pages ready to be imported with one click. You can quickly add new pages or personalize existing pages with block patterns. View the full site demo here.  

Price: It is $79 with 1 year of free theme updates and customer support. In case the theme doesn’t turn out to be what you need it to be, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

19) Noctua

Noctua WooCommerce Block Theme

Noctua is an elegant theme developed by ThemesKingdom for scalable eCommerce business platforms. It can grow with any small to large business with more options for adaptability. You can use Noctua for a secure, fast, fully responsive cross-browser compatibility experience.  

Where does this theme apply? You can use Noctua to develop the style. This theme applies to creating stylish online Jewelry, Perfume, Fashion, and Clothing shop. You can also customize this theme to develop any niche-based website. 

Noctua Blocks Patterns are predefined and easy to modify. Block patterns are available for TextAbout, Contact, Testimonials, Gallery, Header, and Call to action. You can manage your website design and style – all from one editor. Get a live demo here.  

Price: Noctua is available at $79/year. With this, you also have 1 year of free theme updates and support, including a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

20) Luminate

luminate - block theme

To deliver an eye-soothing smooth theme experience, Luminate might be the right one for you. Websites like Lighting Stores, Decorative Lamps, or Lighting Accessories are the right fit for this theme. And for more, you can always customize this theme and get preferable results. 

Luminate is developed by AgniHD. It offers all the pre-built patterns you will need to decorate your store. Including Home, Shop, Product, Collections, About, Blog, and Contact pages, every single one of them shows an eccentric taste of appreciation. All the pages are block-built; you can change them with Site Editor. Also, create discrete headers and footers using built-in templates. Get a live demo here

One of the many reasons you will love Luminate is its user-friendliness. This theme, Luminate, offers visitors an effortless buying and browsing experience. It’s an ideal theme to make your online store even brighter with a modern look. 

Price: It is available at $79 with a yearly bill. Also, you have 1-year of free theme updates and full customer support. For a refund, you have a 30-day full money-back guarantee after the purchase.

21) Basti

Basti is a clean and neat WooCommerce Block Theme for WordPress. For developing a professional store experience with the opportunity to customize as you like, use Basti by Anariel Design

Basti introduces an easy store-building method; that you can manage from the one-page editor – including header, menu, and footer. It is easy to set up with the setup wizard making the process easier for you. Also, available blocks and default page patterns are entirely customizable. View the live Demo here

It is fully integrated with WooCommerce and compatible with the Gutenberg block editor. It promotes a gentle atmosphere to develop a liking toward your highlighted products. Besides, this theme is a localization-ready, fully responsive theme with room for more customization. 

Price: Basti is a premium theme at $79/year. It is built annually, and you have free theme updates and powerful team support for one year, including a 30-day money-back guarantee.

22) Bonum

Bonum - WooCommerce Block Theme

Handmade products always need a homey touch for an online store. This is the last review in a row and was developed by ThemesKingdom. No wonder ThemesKingdom got the lead today! Bonum is their elegant and minimalistic theme developed to be WooCommerce-friendly. 

It is a block theme that represents your creativity and exceptional skill throughout the online store. Your artistry falls into perfect theme orientation with eyes focused on your products only. Bonum is an FSE cross-browser-compatible site. It is fully responsive, and you can manage the whole website through one editor. 

The predefined layouts are made of Gutenberg block patterns and offer a seamless store development process. Check out the Text, About, Contact, Testimonials, Gallery, Header, and Call to Action patterns. Develop a fast-forward online store with minimal effort using Bonum. Live Demo is here

Price: Bonum is available at $89/year. It is billed annually with 1-year of free theme updates and customer support. You have a 30-day money-back guarantee with this beautiful, elegant theme.

23) Bagberry

bagberry woocommerce block themes

Sell purses, handbags, clothes, and other regular accessories with style. Bagberry is built by AgniHD. It is a WooCommerce block theme for your boutique store, perfect for showing off products with style. 

Bagberry, with its linear and minimalistic design, is the hot topic of the competition. This theme comes with pre-built pages, patterns, headers, and footers. With the built-in setups, getting started with an effective sales-converting online store takes only a few clicks. View the live Demo here

Plus, there are two different options for product layouts, including a transparent header choice. Built-in templates are available for Shop, Product, Cart, and Checkout Page. The theme is also highly responsive and seamlessly compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. 

Price: The theme is available at $99/year. You also have 1 year of free extension updates and customer support with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Here ends our long list of WooCommerce Block Theme list. You can also check other free block themes like eStory, Aino, or Tove. But for quality and guaranteed official support, this 22-block theme collection is a gem. 

All the Themes in this article are One-Click Demo Importer, meaning you can immediately import the demo content and customize it as you like. Besides, if you consider the budget, almost all WooCommerce Block Themes are around $79 with a year of subscription.

Only FreshCart is available at $59/year. For a grocery theme, that’s quite reasonable. As for Bonum, a beautifully crafted theme for handmade products, the price starts from $89/year. The highest valued theme here is Bagberry, available at $99/year. For a feature rich theme with multipurpose use, it’s a fair price!

Which theme you need solely depends on your business niche and your flexibility. Also, you have several options for one category in this list. For example, to develop a musical shop, you have Ledge or ePentatonic. Compare them and select the one that fits your needs. 

Most of the block themes here are from ThemesKingdom. And AgniHD earns a second place. From here, you can also learn about different brands and their specialty. This can also help you learn about their credibility and theme support. 

We intended to highlight some of the best WooCommerce block themes compatible with block plugins like Kadence or ProductX. For any WooCommerce Block Page, you can confidently try any of the block themes mentioned above. 

Final Words

Did you go through the long list of WooCommerce Block Themes here? If yes, then you must be thinking about the final selection. Give it some time and explain the nature of your physical shop first. Be specific about what you need and what you don’t need. Take a look at the Theme demo at first and then get along. Plus, all the themes here offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about money! And for detailed guidance, you always have a backup with official documentation of these themes. 

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